Milano – a daydream?

Is Milano a daydream? Yes and no! Milano is as light as a wing and strong as an eagle. It is a perfect match with the chair No 6.

2.800 / 3.400€ + shipping

Version with walnut

Version with birch plywood

• table: optional birch or walnut
• finish: varnish or linseed oil
• The dining table Milano with walnut veneer shows the thin and light edges of the plywood

• L = 160 – 200, W = 90 – 100, H = 74cm

Design: Alexander Lorenz

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P1220184 Milano
Milano – a daydream?
Milano-No-6-5 Milano
The chairs No 6 just can´t belive it!
P1220175 Milano
P1220173 Milano
P1220171 Milano
P1220170 Milano
a daydream
P1220169 Milano
P1220197-768x1024 Milano
Milano-2x Milano
this real?
Milano-No-6-4-1 Milano
Let´s concentrate …
Milano-No-6-2x-a Milano
Yes, it´s real and
Milano-No-6-3 Milano
a perfect match!
Milano-Birke-a-1024x683 Milano
How light
Milano-Birke-b-1024x683 Milano
Milano-Birke-c-1024x683 Milano
a table
Milano-Birke-d-1024x683 Milano
Milano-Birke-e-1024x683 Milano
with birch plywood?
Selbst-b-1024x683 Milano
Table Milano & chair No 6 at the Vienna Design Week 2019.
© Paulus Jakob/Kollektiv Fischka

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