Astronaut – a sculptural hat stand

The beautiful, light and elastic hat stand loves to carry a lot of weight in space as well as on earth!

650€ + shipping

• material: beech plywood
• finish: varnish or oil

• Dm = 60, H = 200cm

Design: Alexander Lorenz

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Astronaut-a-683x1024 Astronaut
Astronaut-Doppelseiten-a Astronaut
good looking
Astronaut-Doppelseiten-b Astronaut
Astronaut-b-683x1024 Astronaut
handels your stuff
Astronaut-Doppelseiten-c Astronaut
on the moon
Astronaut-Doppelseiten-d Astronaut
as well as
Astronaut-c-683x1024 Astronaut
on earth!

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