FF 6 & 7 – L = 180cm

FF is the shortcut of “Farbe & Form” = Color & shape

H 180 x B 21 cm, 12 cm distance

plywood, acrylic varnish, acrylic paint

The wafer-thin strips hanging loosely on the wall and moving in the current of the air are pendent and emblematic of the fleetingness and immateriality of light.

The wooden/plastic strips hang on a nail 5/12 cm in front of the wall.

Their number and their distance from each other depends on the spatial conditions.

The individual strips are to be hung individually and and/or freely combinable in color and number.

Design: Alexander Lorenz

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FF-67-a-1024x640 FF 6 & 7
FF 6 & 7 – art installation
FF-67-b-640x1024 FF 6 & 7
FF 6 – art installation
FF-67-c-640x1024 FF 6 & 7
FF 7 – art installation